Bronzestatuen von Goethe und Schiller in Weimar.

There are numerous opportunities to learn German in Argentina. Many higher education institutes, both public and private, offer language courses, particularly in the major cities in the major cities such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario.

Most national universities’ language centres offer German classes, not only for university members but also for non-residential participants. DAAD lectors teach German or coordinate the German teacher education programmes at the University of Córdoba, Tucumán and at the Instituto de Enseña Superior de Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández”. Official language certifications such as OnSet or TestDaF can be issued by respective institutions. Contact the DAAD lectors for further information.

Besides, many non-university institutions offer German classes. The Goethe Institute for example, being the official cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, is a renowned linguistic hub with offices in Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Further, a lot of private language schools have emerged within the past few years, which presents another option for learning German.