Programme Description

Every year about 1,000 foreign students come to Germany as foreign-language assistants (FSA) to be placed in host schools and support the local subject-specialist teachers. FSA teach 12 language lessons per week in their native language and have a positive and motivating impact on the pupils and the learning situation as a whole. Candidates apply for the language assistantship in Germany directly in their home countries. The language assistants stay in Germany for a period of six to ten months, depending on the country of origin, and receive a monthly stipend of EUR 850. In addition, they will be paid health-, accident- and liability insurances as well as a contribution to travel expenses, if necessary.

Target Group

students from Australia, Belgium (French community), Canada (anglophones and Quebec), the People's Republic of China, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, the Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland (francophones), the United Kingdom and the United States

Academic Requirements

the future foreign-language assistants are required to have completed a degree course of at least two years at a higher-education institution in their home countries with one of the subjects being German.

Number of Scholarships

about 1,000 grants each year


about six to ten months

Scholarship Value

  • monthly stipend of EUR 850
  • health-, accident- and liability insurances
  • contribution to travel expenses, if necessary

Application Papers

International students may apply directly in their home countries. The contact data of the relevant partner organisations are available here.

Application Deadline

The competent partner organisations in your country of origin will provide you with the application deadlines. Please find a detailed list at Webseite der Kultusministerkonferenz.

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